Click Create offers a comprehensive document layout service, tailored to your needs. This service covers all document types including books, catalogues, training manuals, brochures, Corporate Plans, newsletters or business reports.

Based on your text, your brand and your brief, I provide an initial design concept to give you a preliminary visual image of your potential end product. Once you’re happy, I proceed to full layout – i.e. typesetting and formatting.

Typesetting is the process of preparing text and imagery for publication, typically using a dedicated typesetting program such as Adobe InDesign. This specialised approach ensures your final document looks (and reads) the very best that it can. I combine the use of the latest design software with my close attention to all those little details such as margin size, font choices, white space, widows/orphans, leading (spaces between lines), image enhancement and user readability.

Lastly, I prepare and provide to you the final document files in a format suitable for printing or publishing on the Internet, or both.

While I can enhance Word documents to make them as sharp and professional-looking as possible, Word’s design capabilities are limited. Click Create normally transfers Word documents into in Adobe InDesign to ensure the best results.

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Document layout services include: